Church Structure

We are part of a denomination called the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The “Disciples of Christ,” as we are called for short, practice “congregational polity,” which means each local congregation makes its own decisions about property, clergy and staff, and ministry priorities. Here’s how we organize our life together at RBCC:

Our current church structure groups our ministries into three areas:

  • Worship & Education
  • Social Justice & Hospitality
  • Property & Finance

These ministries have various shapes and meet with varying frequency through the year. 

The Church Board tends the overall ministry of the church and holds our legal and fiduciary responsibilities as an organization.

The Elders are the “spiritual care team” of our congregation.

The Deacons provide a “ministry of service” during the offering and communion each Sunday.

The Pastor is the primary spiritual leader of the congregation. 

After attending for a period of time, many people choose to join the church as a member. There are no membership requirements: we accept all baptisms and people who haven’t been baptized. We are also a non-creedal church, which means we don’t have a test of belief or faith in order to be part. To join as a member, one simple comes forward during our Invitation to Discipleship during worship.

All RBCC attendees are welcome serve in most roles. The roles of Elder and Church Board are reserved for those who have made the deeper commitment to the congregation by joining as a member.

Our Bylaws and Constitution describe the purpose and shape of our church and are available upon request.

Here’s a link to some more Frequently Asked Questions.